Thu | 8:00pm


Legendary British jazz-fusion guitarist and composer John McLaughlin and his band the 4th Dimension will return to India for two shows presented by The Quarter at the Royal Opera House. Featuring Cameroonian bassist Etienne Mbappe, British pianist and drummer Gary Husband and Mumbai-based drummer and The Quarter’s artistic director Ranjit Barot, the 4th Dimension is McLaughlin’s longest-running ensemble until date.

Since its formation in 2007, the group has released five universally acclaimed albums including 2010’s Grammy-nominated To The One. Its concerts here will feature tracks from its most recent efforts, 2015’s Black Lightand 2017’s Live at Ronnie Scott’s along with material from McLaughlin’s masterful Mahavishnu Orchestra songbook.

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Thu | 9:30pm


Amine and Hamza M’raihi are two Tunisian musician brothers, playing respectively the oud and the qanun, the two major instruments of the classical Arabic music.

Since a very young age, the brothers were raised with classical Arab music which allowed them to develop an extensive mastery of their instruments. They have since evolved into diverse musical traditions including classical western music, jazz, flamenco, Indian, Persian music and many others.

Their latest project, The Band Beyond Borders, dives even deeper in modern harmonies, hypnotic grooves and profound feeling, and features french-indian tabla player Prabhu Edouard and swiss-indian violinist Baiju Bhatt, as well as swiss saxophonist Valentin Conus. This concert is in association with the Pro Helvetia Swiss Arts Council.

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