Thu | 9:00pm


Shadow and Light is the contemporary classical musical duo of Anindo Bose and Pavithra Chari. Having varied musical influences and inspirations, the duo fuse genres of Hindustani classical, Contemporary, Jazz, Pop, Electronica and Soul to create cinematic soundscapes and compositions in Hindi, English and Tamil.

This is the launch of their third studio album ‘Sabar’. Drawing inspiration from the process of creation and growth, Sabar is a melange of intense emotional experiences, expressed through poignant songwriting and contemporary – classical compositions. The title is an adaptation of the Arabic word ‘Sabr’ signifying ‘patience’ and is a musical testimony to the idea of holding your own ground and allowing the universe to present all opportunities for growth. The songs are written from a wide variety of perspectives on gratitude, grief, contempt, perseverance, inspiration, and aspiration. Anindo and Pavithra will be joined by Aveleon Giles Vaz and Steve Peter on drums and bass respectively.

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